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3 Tips For A Successful NDIS Audit

The NDIS has made countless efforts and achievements with its scheme, which has directly benefited the people of Australia. Through this avenue, the NDIS allows organisations and individuals to help those in need by becoming certified NDIS providers.

What Is The NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a programme for people with disabilities to receive esteemed and proper help for their conditions. The Australian Government began the program in July 2013, and since then, it has drastically improved individuals’ lifestyles. The NDIS allows people to improve and manage their symptoms with professional help and proper resources that help them to increase mobility, independence and confidence.

The NDIS offers a wide range of activities and treatment plans, such as:

  • Assistance with Daily Life
  • Short Term Accommodation
  • Supported Independent Living
  • Capacity Building Supports
  • Core Supports

What Is An NDIS Audit?

An NDIS audit is an audit done by NDIS authorities to check the quality of the services. They check organisations that offer NDIS services and ensure that the program runs smoothly under their jurisdiction. This is a mandatory practice, and every NDIS provider must be prepared to face an audit.

The representatives ensure that the practices in the organisations are in accordance with the NDIS Practice Standards, which are the quality benchmarks expected by providers. It can be difficult or nerve-wracking to proceed with an audit. The NDIS allows internal audits done by professionals and consultations. By doing an internal audit, this helps providers understand their shortcomings and strengths before their official audit by the NDIS. 

Tips You Can Follow for the NDIS Audit Process

1. Prepare early

NDIS audits can cause stress and worry. However, this response is normal and expected. In order to relieve the emotions, it is best to stay prepared and ready for all outcomes and results. The best way to do this is to prepare early for your audit.

Organise your services and ensure the practices align with the Practice Standards. Prepare your reports, assessments, and evidence for the auditor to inspect. Doing this will ultimately help you during your audit and give you an even better result.

2. Remember risk assessments

It is known that NDIS providers often forget to conduct risk assessments. The NDIS Practice Standards ensure that you undergo a risk assessment to ensure that your organisation is far from harm and exploits. There are three critical risks you need to be aware of:

  • Risks to NDIS participants, staff, the community, and the organisation.
  • Risk of injury, neglect, mistreatment, information security, continuity of support.
  • Risks that arise from the support provided, the support environment, and the external threats that may occur and impact NDIS participants’ wellbeing or security.

3. Be confident and ready

An auditor will expect diligence and punctuality. Don’t add to your burden, and make sure your documents are presented in an orderly manner.

Make sure that you get all of your obligations cleared before the auditor. Confirm and answer directly when asked to present a more confident image of your organisation.

NDIS Audits Made Easy!

At Fronto Advisory, we can connect you with an NDIS Approved Quality Auditor for your NDIS audit, whether you are a new provider or an established provider seeking re-registration. Our knowledgeable team will assist you throughout the procedure.

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