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4 Benefits of Having Your RTO Audited

A quality registered training organisation (RTO) audit is a procedure where your RTO is methodically and objectively inspected to ensure you adhere to particular RTO standards.


Due to the intense regulation of the industry, it is crucial to stay on top of your business operations and record keeping to safeguard your registration, keep your doors open, and keep the regulator satisfied. An audit’s primary objective is to look for any gaps in the RTO processes and methods or places where the system falls short in compliance so that plans can be adjusted or formed for improvement or correction.


Here are a few top advantages of having an independent audit of your RTO.

1. Obtain a fresh perspective

Many RTOs have internal auditing systems that check their performance against the standards once a year to ensure they comply with the law. Obtaining neutrality is one of the pitfalls of having internal people to do the audits.


Due to the yearly audit review, it is easy for a staff member familiar with RTO systems, rules, procedures, and documents to overlook minor non-compliance when the RTO is audited. 


To avoid that, having the internal audits done with a third-party RTO auditor can give a fresh perspective on your compliance. Hiring a RTO consulting firm will provide RTO services with a new perspective, allowing them to examine everything objectively and provide you with a clear picture of your compliance.

2. Expert advice

Many consultants and auditors collaborate with various RTOs and conduct numerous audits. Additionally, as part of their work with their clients, they collaborate with ASQA and examine numerous audit reports and findings. This indicates that they help you by ensuring that the audits they conduct for you follow the most recent trends in auditing. They are aware of the criteria regulators used while conducting audits. They also understand the main problems that clients with non-compliant behaviour are experiencing. Because of this, they guarantee that your RTO does not have the same loopholes.

3. You'll be ready for your CEO declaration

Engaging a third party auditor gives you great confidence when it is time to answer the CEO declarations. You will be able to answer the questions on the CEO declaration for each stipulation on the RTO standards if your RTO has been audited before the CEO declaration. 

The requirement for all CEOs to disclose their RTO compliance status is a requirement by ASQA which needs to be done yearly.

4. A comprehensive audit report

Working with an external RTO consulting firm to conduct an audit is a great approach to ensure that the audit report is well prepared by experts. Each process that gets audited will be clearly illustrated or written in the report. As a result, you will be able to identify and fill any gaps if there are any. This will help to increase awareness of any non-compliance and highlight strengths which you can play to your advantage.

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