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4 Common Mistakes to Avoid as an NDIS Provider

With the increased Australian Federal Budget dedicated to the NDIS, many companies are taking advantage of the chance to be registered NDIS providers due to the massive increase in demand for disability-related services. This is great for NDIS participants in need of these vital services and the companies that can provide such services.

Experts suggest that many newly registered NDIS service providers could be shut down within the first 2 years of operation. This is because of the lack of business expertise, poor quality of service, and the inability to keep up with NDIS standards due to poor systems and knowledge.

There will always be gaps in knowledge in new and emerging markets. At Fronto Advisory; a leading NDIS provider registration consultant in Australia, we aim to fill this gap with extensive advice on the NDIS. In this article, we’ve identified four common mistakes that companies make when registering or renewing their applications to be NDIS providers.

1. It is important to note that the NDIS is not an actual gold mine.

Starting the business of your dreams can be thrilling and rewarding. With the growth of the Australian Federal Budget for the NDIS, there are more reasons to operate an effective business to assist participants in the NDIS space. But, this is not a make-money fast scheme! Businesses who don’t possess a thorough understanding of the intricate details of the NDIS sector may begin to fall into early and expensive traps.

As with all businesses, an NDIS provider is not without its own unique complexities with risks and challenges. It is a highly-regulated field with various compulsory formal compliance and complicated written regulations.

We recommend that you conduct your research by creating a business plan and knowing what expectations are required to be a NDIS provider prior to registration.

2. Purchasing templates doesn't guarantee the success of your management system.

It is possible to buy off-the-shelf NDIS templates on guidelines, policies, and procedures that can assist you in starting your NDIS business. However, these templates act as a guide and might be quite complex to understand and fill out.

Understanding when, where, and how to utilise these documents is crucial to be successful with the NDIS registration. These templates are also being used by successfully registered NDIS providers for their policies and procedures. You will require ongoing monitoring and analysis to know which templates are effective for the business and which are just a waste of money with no benefits.

Hiring a consultant which can assist with filling out these templates can help speed up certain processes required in the NDIS registration or renewal. At Fronto Advisory, we are able to help.

3. Auditors aren't consultants.

In order to become a certified NDIS provider, you are required to undergo the audit procedure. You will need to prepare your business and system prior to the audit. The auditor’s role is to examine the present situation of your business and determine if it complies within the NDIS Standards and the NDIS Quality Indicators Guidelines.

Don’t trust auditors to provide guidance or provide you with a step-by-step strategy. Auditors aren’t able to give you any advice. It’s crucial to remember that having templates purchased isn’t a guarantee of passing the audit. It’s just a part of the procedure.

Once you have received your audit results, you need to address the highlighted issues raised. This can be done by yourself or consider hiring consultants to provide advice on best practices in the industry to amend the issues.

4. Registering for more groups isn't always the most effective strategy for business.

A realistic business plan is crucial. New providers are more likely to include all the registration groups as part of their NDIS registration, just “in case” they require to provide the service in the future. Doing so can result in consequences, this becomes a costly business expense in the beginning of your registration process, as audit costs are usually determined based on the size and complexity of your NDIS application.

This could hinder or slow down the process of your registration as the audit results may highlight that the business is lacking experience or resources to provide services for the registered groups. It is not the best approach and we’ve witnessed application failures. Once you’re more confident with your business operations, you can add, change or remove any registration group in the future.

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