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5 Steps of the NDIS Registration Process in Australia

Do you require assistance regarding the procedure for NDIS provider registration? Do you feel overwhelmed thinking about the NDIS registration process in Australia? Begin your journey to becoming an accredited NDIS service provider by following the five-step registration process we’ve compiled to help you.

The NDIS Commission requires all providers to register to be able to access participants’ NDIS funding. Providers must verify or confirm their eligibility prior to being evaluated for their status as registered providers through the NDIS Commission.

The company, individual, or partner who wants to be registered must possess a few desirable features that will increase the approval success by the Commission.

In this blog, we’ll dissect the five steps to assist you to become an NDIS registered provider.

5-Step Registration Process to Become an NDIS Provider

1. Verify Your Eligibility

It is important you make an effort to determine whether you’re eligible to be an NDIS provider. If you want to find out your status, you must follow these steps:
  • You need to have an Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Contact the Commission through the number 1800 035 544 or go via the NDIS website to check whether you’re eligible.
  • Find the services available on the site and select the one you would like to provide.
  • For partnerships or organisations, ensure that the employees are appropriately screened as per the screening process by the National Screening Agency.
  • Before proceeding, read up on internal complaints and incident management systems. This is vital and required for your business. Ensure you adhere to the guidelines for behaviour support and report unethical behaviour to the NDIS Commission.

2. Fill Out the Online Application Form

Your organisation’s policies and procedures will be evaluated in your NDIS provider application to see if they comply with the NDIS Practice Standards. If your policies and procedures do not fit the registration categories, or if the quality of these policies is inadequate, your application will be severely delayed, if not rejected entirely.

If you’re not sure what policies, procedures, or documents you’ll need, Fronto Advisory‘s skilled staff has helped hundreds of providers across all registration groups to successfully register with the NDIS.

Filling in the online application form requires you to enter your information:
  • Contact information
  • Details about your company (address structure, address, etc. ), and
  • Self-assessment.
It is important to note that your application has to be completed within 60 days once lodged. After 60 days, the application will be expired and deleted from the site. You will be required to submit a new application and redo the process if you’re still interested.

After you’ve submitted your application, you’ll receive an acknowledgment email that contains the document known as the “initial scope of audit”.

3. Get Audited by an Approved Auditor

Once you’ve completed the online application, the email you’ll receive marked as the “initial scope of audit” will state whether you need a verification or certification audit. Verification audits mean that you have to go through an audit if you provide services that are low risk to clients. The providers must provide evidence of being competent and comply with risk management policies. A certification audit is a procedure for evaluating providers that offer high-risk services through qualified auditors. Examples of high-risk offerings are Daily Personal Activities, Specialised Positive Behaviour Assistance, or Assistance with daily life tasks within the form of a group or shared living arrangement (Support Independent Living/Short Term Accommodation). If you need help with auditing, reach out to Fronto Advisory. Our skilled team of NDIS experts will connect you with an NDIS-approved quality auditor for your NDIS verification and certification audits, and ensure that your business is following the NDIS Practice Standards.

4. Awaiting Evaluation from the Commission

The NDIS Commission will:
  • Assess the application you have submitted and then evaluate your company’s hierarchy. For instance, senior employees in your organisation such as the CEO, directors, managing directors, etc.
  • Read the audit report provided
The Commission will eventually get in touch with you after the assessment is completed.

The decision will be made within three to twelve months after your application. Successful applications will be receive a confirmation detailing:
  • List of services you will provide (high or low risks)
  • Certificate of registration
  • The period of time of the services offered, and
  • Rules you must adhere to

5. Advertise and follow the Guidelines

If your application has been approved (congratulations!), your journey as a registered NDIS provider begins. Join forums to gain access to an extensive pool of participants from all over the nation.

Don’t forget to always ensure that your business is always inline with the NDIS requirements.

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