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7 Helpful Steps To Help You Pass Your NDIS Audit

If you are preparing for an NDIS audit, you are already a service provider about to get assessed. Being a service provider, you must be aware of the NDIS guidelines for providers, but it can be bewildering at the time of audit. The pressure of meeting expectations and fulfilling the criteria can be daunting. Once you ace your NDIS audit, it can give you a great sense of accomplishment, and we are here to tell you some tips on what you need to prepare for your NDIS audits.


We at Fronto Advisory help you in NDIS audit preparation in Melbourne. We have a team of expert advisors who are well-versed with audit criteria and can help you achieve the desired result.

1. Know The Background

Passing the NDIS audit without properly knowing your services and NDIS guidelines is impossible. You might have become a provider without complete knowledge on the matter, but the audit will identify your lack of knowledge. You should know everything about NDIS services, funds, and the support you are helping the participants get. Do a background check on your business to ensure you get all the necessary things right at the time of the audit.

2. Start Preparing

If your audit is yet to be conducted and you still have not prepared the requirements, it is better to start the preparation as soon as possible. Service providers should be advised to start preparing for the audit early on, so it can save them the trouble of getting exhausted on the last day. Another benefit of early preparation is that you can be thorough about it, and there is less chance of mistakes. If you wait until the last minute, you might end up making mistakes that will affect the final verdict.

3. Conduct Risk Assessments

NDIS comes with risks related to participants and support workers as well. You need to have a risk register where you must acknowledge all the risks your business might face, and if you are accepting some risks, you need to write why you are doing that. NDIS has made some risk treatments mandatory for the service providers, like workers screening which allows you to have a proper check on the staff you hire.

4. Refrain From Restrictive Practices

Understanding the refrain practices is another thing that can help you avoid any mishaps. NDIS wants their participants to be safe, adhering to  local practices and safety measures. Your business must refrain from engaging in any such activity. For that, you need to understand the matter and keep your staff in check properly so they don’t perform any restricted practices behind your back. Get them to report their activity to the authority and make them aware of the restrictive practices.

5. Have Evidence

Whether it’s the law or NDIS, everything comes down to evidence in the end. You will need to provide evidence for everything that you claim at the audit. Make sure you keep all the documents aligned so you can show the auditors whatever they ask you for; not having complete Evidence can put you in trouble, so make sure you keep it in mind.

6. Have Confirmation

Things can always go wrong no matter how much preparation you have put into it, and being too careful is never a waste. Once you are done preparing for your audit and have everything ready, you need to check it multiple times to ensure that nothing is out of place and you are ready for the audit.

7. Don’t Stress

Lastly, you need to keep it light. Excessive stress can have you make rash decisions and wrong choices. We know audit stress can be extreme, but you need to remind yourself that these audits are taken to help your organisation improve, not punish it. If you stress about it too much, your staff might also lose confidence. Keep calm and include your team in the process.


NDIS audits can be a nightmare for service providers if they don’t go well, and we are very well aware of it, which is why we helps you in NDIS audit preparation in Melbourne. You can contact us, and we will make sure to help ace your audit report.

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