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7 Marketing Tips to Grow Your NDIS Business

The NDIS offers new possibilities for those with a disability to receive the assistance they require which empowers them to choose which providers are most suitable for them.

This has created a bigger market for disability-related products and services, which has seen many newly established businesses or businesses becoming registered providers to provide services in the NDIS space.

Although there could be a lot of participants looking to hire your talents or services, there’s plenty of competition. You have to invest in your business with good marketing strategies to locate and retain customers.

Designing a unique identity and having a site to explain your services is a great place to start; however, how can you take it further to continually create a steady flow of clients?

Here are some helpful tips for registered providers, both established and brand new, trying to get the interest of NDIS participants:

1. Understand your Customer

The most crucial factor for every business owner is to know who your customers are and understand their needs, preferences and requirements. This is crucial for all providers as services are unique to each participant. For instance, it is essential to know whether your client has a specific preference for a particular language, at what time of the day you can provide your services or if they have any other special needs. Talk to clients and determine what they value, want, and require. This will boost the business as a high quality service provider and can be used as part of your marketing and sales proposition.

2. Word of Mouth

The power of word-of-mouth is significant and can be advantageous for the highly connected NDIS community. This is one of the most effective and efficient marketing strategies to promote your business to other NDIS participants. If you take care of your clients and provide the most “personalised” service, they will be more likely to spread the word about your business in-person with friends or via social networks (e.g. Facebook reviews or recommendations).

3. Connect with NDIS “Gatekeepers”

Support coordinators and Local Area Coordinators (LAC) are gatekeepers. They play a crucial function in connecting NDIS participants to NDIS service providers. It is important to ensure that LAC and support coordinators within your area are aware of your business and the services provided. Contact your LAC or support coordinators, go to their office and introduce your business. Speaking to them will help expand their database and they will be able to refer your business to NDIS participants.

4. Connect with Local Councils

Every local council is legally required to have the Disability Inclusion Action Plan. The local council’s Disability Inclusion Officer is the best person to talk to. Inform them of the services you offer and request to be listed in their community services directory.

5. Grow and Develop your NDIS Provider Network

Other NDIS service providers can be a great source of referrals and will gladly direct participants to other NDIS providers for services that they do not offer. Join the NDIS Service Providers Facebook groups within your region and start networking. These networking groups can be great to promote or advertise your business’ offerings.

6. Start Getting More Online Links

Registering your business on relevant directories on the internet can assist in attracting more customers to your business. This isn’t a one-time method of marketing. You must maintain your profile and respond to comments. Another benefit for listing your business in a directory is that when different websites link to your company’s website, it increases your site’s credibility by allowing search engines to crawl to your site. This can boost the rankings of your website in search engines and make it more visible to search engine users.

7. Request Recommendations

One of the main reasons businesses aren’t getting reviews and referrals is because they fail to ask. If you have customers who are happy with your services, ask them to write a review or testimonial. These testimonials can be used on your website and can also function as your next marketing content for your social media post. Another thing to ask your client is to get referrals. They may know of friends who may benefit from your service and these are potential customers whom you can reach out to.

We hope these marketing tips will aid you in building your NDIS company and increase your client base in the future.

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