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7 Responsibilities Of Aged Care Providers

Aged care is the kind of job that comes with great responsibility and rewards. People who have lived all their lives to their fullest can’t keep the same energy as they grow older, and it can be quite a devastating feeling. As an aged care provider, you must feel empathy and be more patient while dealing with the participants. 


Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission has set guidelines for the providers that they need to comply with, and if they are found in non-compliance with the 2018 Act, their status as aged care providers can be revoked. You might be thinking about how I can prevent my aged care provider registration from getting revoked. Well, you just have to comply with the guidelines set by authorities and fulfil your responsibilities as the service provider. 


Aged care providers have many responsibilities, and here are some of them.

1. Personal Assistance

People who need access to aged care services usually have difficulty performing their personal tasks like preparing a meal, walking, cleaning, etc. Being an aged care provider, it is your responsibility to help them with these things, and it might take a lot of patience, but it is one of the qualities a good aged care provider must possess.

2. Help In Medication

Another responsibility of aged care providers is to help the participants keep up with their medications. As a service provider, you will be responsible for assisting them to their doctor’s appointments. You will also take care of the medication and other health-related activities to ensure they remain healthy.

3. Keeping Record

Keeping track of the treatment and services is one of the essential parts of the provider’s job. Older people have multiple health problems at once, and it can be tough to remember all the details about every health problem. Keeping a record can help you keep track of your participant’s condition, and it will also allow you to take immediate majors if you see any unusual changes in their health.

4. Quality

Aged care providers’ job is not just to take care of the participants, but it is also their responsibility to comply with the guidelines set by the Commission and provide quality services to participants. The Commission does not take quality lightly, and if an aged care provider is found performing faulty activities, there might be repercussions to that.

5. Manage Finances

Not all aged people can take care of their finances themselves, and even the ones that do might need help as it can be very stressful and bewildering at times. As their service provider, you will be responsible for helping them manage their funds more efficiently, so they don’t over or use them. 

6. Social Support

Being confined in one place for days can be harmful to the participant’s mental health. Aged care providers are supposed to assist the participants in outgoing activities if the participant wants to perform any. You can try new things together or simply go on a walk with them; it will be enough to freshen their mind and come back to better health. Community activities can also help them in making new friends of their age so they can share hobbies with each other.

7. Treat Them With Empathy

Lastly, as a service provider, you should know when to show empathy and dignity to the participants. Remember, before they became dependent on you, they could perform all these tasks and more on their own. It is the time that has made them physically weak, and it is the law of nature that no one can fight with. If you get mad at them for something that can be easily done, this might not be the right job for you because aged care providers are also responsible for showing kindness and empathy to others.


These were some of the responsibilities that aged care providers have to take on for their participants, and there are many more. If you have questions like how I can become an aged care provider and how my aged care provider registration can help me get better in the field, visit our website and contact us to know more about NDIS and aged care services. Our team of advisors will ensure you have all the answers you need.


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