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A Guide To Becoming Aged Care Provider

Different people have different aspirations in life, and if you are someone who likes to take care of older adults and help those in need, becoming an aged care service provider might be the perfect job for you. Helping others can be a difficult task, but it is just as rewarding. Older people usually need help with their day-to-day routine tasks, and it can be tiresome for their relatives or children to keep up with the requirement. That’s where aged care providers come into the picture to help them. 


Aged care services include services like assistance with daily tasks, community activities, and building companionship with the participants so they can feel entertained and healthy. If you are here, you might have already been thinking about becoming an aged care provider, so we have made this brief guide to let you know about it.


Fronto Advisory provides aged care consulting and advisory services to clients. We have experienced advisors who are well-versed in Aged care services, NDIS, SDA, RTO, etc. 

Guidelines For Becoming An Aged Care Provider

Just like the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the Government of Australia also provides funds for aged care services for the elderly. In the 2019-2020 budget year, the Government provided $21.5 billion for aged care, and moving forward; this amount has only been increased because of the increasing age of people. This increase in aged care services has also increased job opportunities for service providers.


There is a significant difference between aged care workers and service providers. Workers are the individuals who provide the services and help the participants themselves, whereas the service provider’s job is to hire workers to provide valuable services to the participants.


As an aged care provider, you are responsible for many things, including the funding for each participant. Your support workers will not be inclined to manage the fund provided by the Government, so you must be aware of the consumer structure. This structure aims to allow participants the freedom to choose the services they need. Your job is to provide high-quality services that not only ensure your participant’s health but also the success of your employees.

Types of Care

Before becoming an aged care provider, you must first determine what type of services you aim to provide your participants and how you are going to deliver them. There are different types of aged care services; one is a residential care home, where you provide services related to the residential lives of the participants, like cleaning, gardening, cooking, etc. You can use your support workers to offer these services, or you can hire someone from agencies, but you need to ensure that they are capable of handling various tasks.


As an aged care provider, you are responsible for providing services to the elderly, whether you do it by visiting their homes or spending time with them in community activities. You might also have to offer an overnight stay depending on the condition of the participants.

Job Description

A typical job description for aged care providers and workers can include:


  1. Maintaining a healthy relationship with the clients and their families.
  2. Hire trustworthy and experienced workers.
  3. Provide individualised support to the participants.
  4. Provide assistance with tasks like transportation, shopping, etc.
  5. Compliance with the guidelines set by the Government.
  6. Support clients with domestic help around their house, like cleaning, cooking, etc.

How To Access The Portal?

Once you become an approved provider, you will get access to the My Aged Care portal, and through that, you can find the people who are receiving the funds from the Government. To be matched with the clients, you must offer reliable services and adhere to your responsibilities. Any complaints regarding the services are held by the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner; they will analyse the situation and take necessary action, so the standard of services does not get low.


If you are looking for aged care consulting and advisory services, reach out to us, and our professional advisors will try their best to help you understand the program and become the best in business.

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