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A Guide To Finding & Keeping NDIS Participants

Establishing and maintaining a continuous relationship with your NDIS participants are two different aspects. To locate participants, especially when you’re a brand new company, it is crucial to spread the word so that people know they can rely on your support services. Marketing alone will not result in people returning to you for assistance. 


If you wish to have participants return to your business, you have to create an environment that serves their most important interests. Let’s look at a few ways to establish and maintain your relationship with NDIS participants. 

Finding Participants

The beginning of any business success is based on how you promote your company. Marketing is shifting more towards the web, with website content and social media being at the forefront of this trend. Service providers should develop a marketing strategy to ensure they’re getting in touch with the customers who require their help and assistance via technology and online tools.


There are a lot of NDIS members using Facebook and Instagram, who utilise these platforms to find the information, support, and services they require. Social media platforms can be used to share information while also displaying your expertise in the field or the services you offer. 


However, knowing the difference between giving information and aggressively marketing your services is crucial. Instead of “hard selling” on social media, be a resource of information coming from a sincere desire to share your knowledge and experience with the community. This is an organic way to gain more clients and gain their trust.

Service Agreements

Service agreements ensure that communication is transparent and that the provider, along with the NDIS participant, are in agreement in regards to the cost and expectations for the services offered. It is much simpler to refer to the service agreement should there be a problem in communication or a relationship breakdown.


For unregistered service providers, it is possible that you will not have service agreements in place. However these service agreements are a key document that provides the NDIS participant a form of assurance.


It’s a good idea to review your service agreements with your NDIS participants to ensure that you as a provider are still giving them the best service they had agreed on. This will also increase the trust between you and your NDIS participant as this gives them the opportunity to discuss things they can add or remove from their service agreement.

Build Strong Relationships

If someone is looking for a service provider, they may think of:


  • What skills and experience do you have?
  • Would you make a great complement to their existing support team (and connect with their other family members or support providers when necessary)?
  • Do you pay attention to your clients’ needs and adjust your assistance to meet their needs?
  • What are your reviews? Do they know anyone who has employed your service?

When someone seeks your services, it is crucial to understand their requirements, adapt your service approach when needed, and clearly describe the benefits you can offer them. The most critical element in any partnership is communicating. Therefore, if you and the other party decide to cooperate, make sure that you communicate openly with them and that they feel comfortable talking freely with you.

Word Of Mouth & Reputation

Although marketing may bring customers to your doors, establishing a solid relationship with NDIS participants are a good way to find new clients. Clients who continue to use your services regularly are likely to recommend your services to their friends and colleagues.


In addition, it’s not just the participants you need to think about when creating a lasting relationship. Support coordinators and plan managers are valuable people who can help recommend your services to NDIS participants. If they are aware that you can provide high-quality services and that you’re able to place the needs of your customers before your own, then they’re more likely to recommend your services.

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