A Guide To NDIS Worker Screening Check

The NDIS Worker Screening Check: What Is It?

The NDIS Worker Screening Check is a measure to guarantee that NDIS employees don’t pose an unacceptably high danger to people with special needs. To make sure your staff members can aid participants, it should be included as a crucial step in your initial selection and screening procedures and as part of your periodic reviews.


Each worker’s NDIS Worker Screening Check is valid for five years. Their data is entered into the National Worker Screening Database, which also contains information about any exclusions the NDIS Worker Screening Unit has applied to their profile and the employer to whom they are associated. If the worker’s clearance status changes, an automated email will be sent to the employer.

Who is subject to the NDIS Worker Screening Check?

Employees who perform roles subject to risk assessment by their employers are covered by the NDIS Worker Screening Check. Key employees, such as a CEO or board member, are referred to as risk-assessed roles in Section 11A of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013. The check also subjects employees who interact directly or indirectly with people with disabilities.


Although having an NDIS Worker Screening Check is not required for all, employers may ask those who do provide support or services to NDIS participants to do so. 


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What is the process of the worker screening check?

To outline the procedure, the commission has prepared a flowchart. Be aware that new hires in risk-assessed roles won’t be able to start until they’ve submitted their application. Applications are accessible on the NDIS website. Once employees can prove that the check has been requested, they can perform their duties.

As you can see on the NDIS Commission website in pdf or word format, there are 12 steps to the application process, which will help with training your HR team.

What impact will the NDIS Worker Screening have on your business?

Workers entering the industry will receive a valid clearance to work in a risk-assessed job for registered NDIS providers. If the employee doesn’t have a NDIS Worker Screening check done before, this can be a long process for your business before the employee is able to start work. Having the NDIS Worker Screening helps reduce the time your HR team must spend checking this off.

What follows if a worker is excluded or does not acquire a clearance?

You will need to decide if you need to place the employee in another acceptable role or if their employment contract is still tenable if they are not cleared or have received an exclusion. The NDIS worker screening check is optionable but as an NDIS registered provider, it is best to properly screen your employees to prevent any possible issues when they work with NDIS participants.

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