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ACECQA & Its Importance For Your Child Care Centre

ACECQA is the Australian Children’s Education And Care Quality Authority. This organisation looks after the care and education of Australian children. They assist in creating frameworks and guidelines on how to improve the children’s treatment. Along with the government’s support, they are determined to look after any issues and create opportunities in the child care sector.

The three primary roles of the ACECQA are:


  1. Improve education and care for children till the age of thirteen. 
  2. Ensure that the rules and regulations of child care laws are being implemented correctly.
  3. Support the education system by creating and improving children’s growth opportunities. 

To ensure that all child care providers follow their laws, ACECQA has a mandatory assessment that all child care providers in Australia have to go through. New child care providers must pass this assessment after they are approved and registered so as to uphold verification status and enhance their credibility. 


At the same time, current providers must be prepared to undertake the exam every three years. ACECQA tests child care centres by a rating system. This helps determine how well the organisation is proceeding in accordance with its rules. 


It can be daunting to go through this procedure, but Fronto Advisory’s child care consultants can help your centre ace your next ACECQA assessment and rating with ease.

How Can ACECQA Ratings Help?

ACECQA’s certifications hold a lot of value and importance, so their assessment and rating systems are beneficial for parents. ACECQA ratings monitor every possibility and opportunity to see how the centre is performing. Approved by the Australian government, ACECQA looks after the child’s welfare by judging on 7 relevant factors:

1. Education Program & Practice​

A straightforward test on whether the educational programs are informative and correct. They must be good enough to uphold a specific standard of education to improve a child’s mental and educational growth.

2. Children's Health & Safety

The child care centre must not be equipped with dangerous items within the child’s reach (e.g. harmful or sharp objects). The area has to ensure that the child remains safe and secure inside the premises.

3. Physical Environment

The child care centre must be determined to enhance the child’s capabilities and potential by setting up new experiences for them. A secure yet competitive environment must be present to boost a child’s learning and development.

4. Staffing Arrangements

Qualified and educated staff must be around to teach and look after the child’s well-being. They should be well versed in developing and positively engaging a child’s personality. Staff should undergo a working with children checks to ensure the children’s safety. 

5. Relationships With Children

Staff members must ensure that the relationships a child creates must be kind and optimistic. An environment promoting healthy relationships and attitudes is crucial in this rating.

6. Collaborative Partnerships With Families & Communities

The child care centre must be able to create events and collaborative activities with families and communities to boost a child’s enjoyment and learning. It should be based on communication and good behaviour.

7. Governance & Leadership

Good and effective leadership in the child care centre must be poised and educated. The centre must maintain records, confidentiality, and safe practices regularly. 


ACECQA ratings are then judged by a scale that goes from:


  • Significant improvement required
  • Working towards National Quality Standard
  • Meeting National Quality Standard
  • Exceeding National Quality Standard
  • Excellent

Why are ACECQA Ratings Important For Your Child Care Centre?

Every parent feels hesitant about giving their child out to strangers. However, with the government stamp, parents can feel secure and confident in their decision. ACECQA ratings ensure that the best services are given to you. 


At Fronto Advisory, we have 25 years of total experience with ACECQA assessments. From a comprehensive review of your centre, development of your quality improvement plan to in-person audits of your centre, we are able to work towards your goals and bring your centre to Excellent status. 


To know more about how we can help you, visit our website or contact us. 

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