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Are Your Students Choosing The Right CRICOS Courses?

Australia has helped many people achieve their goals and dreams. One of the best ways they have managed to assist people with their ambitions is by offering vocational education to help them pursue their dream career. This has also massively benefited the country in this prospect as Australia is one of the top educational providers across the globe.


Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) is a program where students from different countries can access education in Australia. The program was formed under the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000.

CRICOS was created to assist overseas students studying in Australia with a student visa, to develop better skills and industry confidence through various courses offered by registered Australian education providers.

Organisations and educational providers can register for CRICOS if they want to offer their educational courses to overseas students. However, providers need to ensure that they meet all six mandatory criteria obligations as part of the CRICOS register requirements:

  1. Legislative obligations
  2. Quality of training experience
  3. Reporting obligations summary
  4. Provider default obligations
  5. Education agents
  6. Protected amount

If you are looking forward to becoming a registered CRICOS provider, visit here.

Help Students To Choose The Right Course

Students have a varied list of where they can choose to study their course of choice. Some courses can be particular and only offered at some education institutes. To them, selecting the right school and course is vital to their career path. Therefore, it can be advantageous to provide a course that speaks to their needs and capabilities.

Sometimes, students select the wrong courses due to misinformation, which might be detrimental to their future. To avoid this mishap and to ensure your students are able to make any easier choice to pick the course that they like the most, remember two key pointers:

1. Provide accurate information

Accurate information can go a long way. Advise your students on which courses will suit them the best. Make sure that they receive the information logically and factually. Motivate them to choose the course which aligns with their goals by providing vital details about the process and course syllabus.

Giving key data and statistical values upfront will prove to be better for the students who hope to excel in their possible future careers. Lay down the possibilities and opportunities that they may receive in order for them to understand which course will lead to a better future.

2. Connect them to former or existing students

Getting your students to meet other people with vast experience will be a helpful factor in the decision-making process. When your students ask you for details and facts about the course and its future, try linking them to former students that have been through the experience. Or perhaps, connect them to existing students so they can share their current experience of their course.

The added insight will push them towards a final decision and can assist them in choosing the right course. Furthermore, give individuals the chance to meet with professionals and expert people who are excelling in the field. By understanding the work ethic and mindset, students will be more inclined to make a final judgement on the matter.

CRICOS Registration Made Simple!

Fronto Advisory has succeeded in helping educational institutes and organisations to offer official and verified CRICOS courses to overseas students studying in Australia. We offer expert consulting services in CRICOS register processings and support. With a team that has over 25 years of collective experience, we aim to assist CRICOS service providers in Australia to provide quality courses to students.

Save time and avoid mistakes that can significantly delay your application. We will shoulder your responsibilities and work with you through each stage of the registration process.

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