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Establishing A Good Relationship With Your NDIS Participants

Participants can choose and have control over selecting the best provider for their requirements. If they are plan managed, they have greater control in choosing between registered and unregistered providers. With all the options, they need to have a strong and honest relationship with their provider. This is crucial as the services you provide and the relationship you have with them can determine their loyalty. Take a look at our suggestions for creating a strong and authentic connection with your participants.


Listening is crucial to the longevity of any business relationship. It is important to be attentive to your clients’ needs and what they seek from your services. Engage with them through conversation and collaboration, to figure out the best way to provide your services. Find out their preferred method of communication and what best suits your client. That way you can tailor your offerings and assist your clients in achieving their goals.

Create Trust & Establish Rapport

Creating trust and establishing a good rapport with your clients are essential. Your client’s best interests should be a priority. By creating a trusting relationship, this allows your client to feel more at ease and secure with you. This will in turn help you establish a stronger foundation for your relationship and build good rapport with your NDIS participants.

Tailor Your Services

Each client is unique and so are their requirements. Adapting your services to meet the needs of each individual client you serve is beneficial. Things such as how clients prefer communicating, the way you offer services, what services are required, and so on. These are all areas you can tailor your services to meet your customers’ requirements.

Be Trustworthy & Consistent

Being trustworthy and consistent is essential to creating a solid and genuine relationship. In the end, it’s all about communication. If you find yourself in a situation where you are late or require a reschedule, communicating with your client promptly to let them know of any changes is essential to maintain trust in your relationship. With the services you provide, it has to be consistent too. If the quality of your service starts to drop, NDIS participants are less likely to find you trustworthy and may switch providers. By maintaining consistency throughout your service with your clients, this will prove to clients that your services are reliable, trustworthy and consistent.

Be Honest

One of the most effective methods to guarantee your business’ transparency, is to ensure that you are honest to your NDIS participant. If you are unable to provide a service that they require, be honest and let them know. By being honest, the client will know that you’re trying to assist them and they will be more likely to trust you because of your honesty.


Honesty is a core value that helps to build and maintain trust in any relationship. Having a service agreement with the participant is one of the ways that will help ensure that you and the participant have an agreement on the expected services. 

What Makes These Tips Crucial?

Each of these suggestions concentrates on building a strong connection with your participants that is built on trust and respect. By providing outstanding services to your participant, it will not only positively affect the lives of your customers, but your business will also be recognised as authentic and reliable. The best way to ensure your business success is to offer the highest quality services to your customers.

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