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Everything You Need To Know About NDIS Price Guides

Each year, on the 1st of July, the NDIS releases an updated price guide; NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits. This document sets the maximum cost that NDIS participants pay for support and services. The price guide is a great tool that allows both participants and providers to plan and budget. 


The price guide aims to ensure that NDIS participants are getting charged accordingly for the NDIS services or support they receive. The price limit ensures that providers aren’t able to charge excessive costs for providing agreed services and support. Additionally, the price guide will ensure that registered NDIS providers in Australia will be able to receive the correct payments. The price guide is reviewed annually and adjusted according to economic changes (e.g. increase in minimum wage, changes in the consumer prices index). 

What Is The NDIS Price Limit?

Price limits are federally-determined maximum prices you can charge for providing a specific NDIS service. Registered providers are not allowed to charge more than the maximum price. 


However, there are some types of supports that do not have a specific price limit. For instance, consumables like urinary catheters don’t have any price limits, as they are generally purchased from a retail store, and prices aren’t negotiated. Certain expensive assistive devices, such as orthotics and wheelchairs, are also not subject to set price limits. 


Support services you provide to NDIS participants have a limit on price. For instance, hourly cost for clinical nurses providing health care support. Prices can also vary depending on your location where you’ve provided the service. Remote or rural areas tend to have higher price limits. Always ensure that when charging NDIS participants, you have the NDIS price guide to determine the correct charges.

What Do NDIS Price Limits Mean To NDIS Participants?

The principal purpose behind NDIS price limits are to ensure that participants get value for money and avoid overpaying providers. Although the price guide and the extensive support catalogue can appear overwhelming, they were designed to provide a lot of flexibility for the participants.


One of the major objectives of NDIA is to provide each participant the flexibility of getting individualised support that will fulfil their needs. The price guide has a wide range of aids that can be utilised for many activities and services to achieve the NDIS participant’s goal. As registered providers, this can be handy for your business whilst working with the participant. You can help identify further support they’d like to receive, if you are able to provide the additional support they’d like.

Why Does The NDIS Change Its Price Limits?

NDIS reviews its price guide each year to ensure that the limits are reasonable and fair. The price limit is adjusted annually to reflect adjustments in the Consumer Price Index or cost of living. This ensures that service providers receive a competitive payment for their services.

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