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Everything You Need To Know About SDA

What Is SDA?

SDA stands for Specialist Disability Accommodation and this service is to support the people who have higher and more complex needs. Individualised support is provided to make modifications in the house or apartments to meet the participant’s needs, allowing them to move freely and have more flexibility in the living arrangements.

This can be funded via Capital support and will cover the cost of home modifications only; the participant’s house rent and any personal expenses are not covered in this support. If a person is found eligible for SDA, the NDIA will add this support to their NDIS funding plan.

Housing Options Under NDIS

NDIS provides many housing options to its participants, and all participants can choose the facility that is best suited for their needs. These housing options are built to help the participants lead an independent life, and the service providers’ job is to ensure that the purpose is served.

These home and living options include assistance with daily living, home modifications to ensure that your house has all the facilities required to help you reach your goals, short-term accommodation or respite can also be funded under NDIS to allow the carer a break. Individualised living options supported independent living allows the participants to share accommodation with other NDIS participants. In case the participant wants accommodation for a longer period of time, he can also apply for medium-term accommodation. NDIS also pays for assistive technology to help the participants meet their goals more effectively.

Difference Between SDA and SIL

Specialist Disability Accommodation and Supported Independent Living are both funded by NDIS, and it is easy to get confused by them as they aim to help the participants live as independently as possible.

The primary difference between the two is that SDA is about the physical home itself, while SIL is about the support that you need while you stay at home. SIL support is usually accessible for 24 hours and includes tasks like daily assistance in cooking, cleaning, dressing, etc. The delivery of SDA and SIL are different under NDIS; the same provider might deliver both supports with different policies and practices. SIL and SDA providers have a close relationship, and their roles and responsibilities are established through a strong collaboration agreement.

What Is An SDA Provider?

SDA providers are able to provide Specialist Disability Accommodation to NDIS participants. They can be private landlords, family members of people with disabilities, or organisations. They must register themselves with NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission, and they can tap into receiving the funds from NDIS, or they can also charge controlled rent from the residents.


SDA eligibility criteria require you to:

  1. Complete required forms.
  2. Provide verification of your identity.
  3. Complete your registration application under NDIS and register for myplace.
  4. Provide details of your organisation, including ABN and trading name.
  5. Pay the prescribed fee.
  6. Must not break any conditions for registration.

How To Become An SDA Provider?

Here are the steps you must take as part of your SDA provider registration.

  1. The rules set by NDIS are important, so make sure to comply with the SDA rules.
  2. Make sure that the designs meet the SDA design standard.
  3. Determine if your organisation will be an SDA provider or refer clients to an SDA provider; the owner does not have to be the provider himself; this may be contracted to other SDA providers.
  4. Register to become an NDIS provider

If you want to know more about SDA provider registration or anything else related to NDIS, reach out to us and our team of professional advisors will guide you all about it.

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