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Everything You Need to Know about the CRICOS Code

Everything You Need To Know About The CRICOS Code

You might be familiar with the CRICOS code if you work in the educational sector. If you intend to work as an education organisation, this acronym may be unfamiliar to you. But don’t worry, you can easily understand it even though it might seem complicated.


CRICOS is crucial for an education agency because it establishes your authority and level of experience. Without familiarising yourself with it, you cannot operate your business to teach courses.


We have summarised all the facts about CRICOS that you need to know in order to assist you.

What is CRICOS Code?

The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students is called CRICOS. Before they can tutor international students, training programmes or educational institutions in Australia and New Zealand must receive CRICOS registration approval.

Why is CRICOS vital for institutions and students alike?

All institutions and programmes accessible to students who wish to study in Australia on a student visa are listed on the CRICOS website. Knowing whether the course and the school are CRICOS registered is essential for students when selecting their instructor or institution abroad. 


As an immigration or education agency, you must exercise caution when deciding which universities and educational institutions to collaborate with and ascertain if they are CRICOS registered. Because only institutions registered with CRICOS are permitted to teach international students, it could harm your market position and client trust if you partner with someone who isn’t registered. 


Thus, CRICOS reassures you that the institution or the courses they have are legitimate, secure and reliable.

Requirements of CRICOS

CRICOS is crucial for higher education providers that want to draw international students. But to be registered with CRICOS, providers must meet a number of conditions based on legal duties and the calibre of their training.


Firstly, the prerequisite before applying for a CRICOS is that your institution must be a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Secondly, the teaching courses should guarantee that the ESOS Act and the National Code obligations have been upheld. Lastly, the courses cannot receive the CRICOS code if teaching is done entirely online. For each semester, the international students are required to take at least one on-campus course and more than 25% of the course work can be available to students online.


As a result of the requirements, institutions that have their CRICOS codes registered are of a higher calibre and are more advanced which makes it more attractive for international students.

How can I apply for CRICOS registration in Sydney?

You can use the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to make your initial CRICOS registration application. You must complete a few asqanet documents before submitting your application. Then, for ASQA to examine your application, you must pay all applicable fees. Your application will be examined after you send your CRICOS registration forms to ensure you can meet all legal requirements.


CRICOS registration takes time to complete. There are a number of procedures institutions must follow. The procedures help prepare the institutions to offer international students the needed services.


Lucky for you, we here at Fronto Advisory fast-track your CRICOS registration in Sydney and get you registered hassle-free. Save time and avoid mistakes that can significantly delay your application. We will shoulder your responsibilities and work with you through each stage of the registration process. 


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