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FAQs: Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

You must fulfil a number of requirements to become a registered training organisation (RTO) to ensure that training and assessment match the high standards demanded by students and employers. This is crucial as the Australian government has implemented these strict regulations to safeguard the credibility and reputation of the educational and training industry.


Our RTO consultants in Melbourne, who stay on top of ASQA requirements, have chosen to respond to some FAQs in this post to help you run your business seamlessly.

How long does it take to get registration as an RTO?

After submitting your application, ASQA will examine it for completeness to ensure nothing is missing. 10 days are set aside by ASQA for this initial evaluation. If the application is complete and the payment has been received, ASQA will begin the initial registration assessment. It may take four to six months to complete.

How does ASQA calculate the cost to register an RTO?

ASQA will require two payments once you are prepared to submit your application to register as an RTO. The initial payment must be made when the application is turned in. It will pay for ASQA to review your application’s completeness. The second payment will be needed after the completion check is performed.

Can I make changes to my original registration application after I submit it?

Once you have submitted your first registration application, ASQA clearly states that you cannot submit any more documentation for review. During the audit process, ASQA may ask you to elaborate or explain particular pieces of information. However, to avoid a bad result after a potential six-month wait, make sure your application is finished before submitting it.

Could I contact ASQA directly?

You can talk to an ASQA representative about matters pertaining to RTO such as RTO registration. The issue is that ASQA employees can only advise you of the requirements. They won’t give you advice on how to comply with the law in the best way. In contrast, our RTO consultants in Melbourne will customise the results to meet your unique needs using their broad ASQA network and in-depth industry knowledge.

What is a Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS)?

An RTO’s approach to helping students fulfil the criteria of a training package or accredited course is described in a TAS. It is a sizable document heavily tailored to a particular RTO and its intended student group. The RTO’s resources, trainers and assessors, planned cohort, and training location are a few examples of what a TAS covers. This document is of utmost importance to ASQA. Thus we advise having a professional third party evaluate it before submission.

Can I generate income from an RTO?

Yes, to answer briefly. The Australian economy benefits significantly from the vocational education and training sector. Many RTOs run profitable businesses. As part of the original RTO registration application process, you must provide proof of your expected financial viability. For long term success, focusing on improving the student experience and upholding highly compliant procedures is essential.

If I want to provide online training, do I need a physical location?

The physical location of your RTO must be specified in the initial registration application. If your training is only conducted online, you won’t need to provide floor plans for the training locations. We strongly advise contacting your local government to find out if you need approvals to offer online courses from where your business will be located.

Can I buy an RTO?

An RTO has the option of selling its company to another individual or business. Its registration cannot be given to that organisation as this has to be withdrawn. As a result, the company that buys an RTO will have to apply for initial registration if it doesn’t have an RTO registration at the transaction time.


If they are currently an RTO, they must submit an application to ASQA to expand their registration scope to include any additional certifications they wish to provide.

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