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For Providers: How To Manage Your Employees?

Providing NDIS support and services necessitates planning, organising, documentation, and record-keeping in addition to the actual provision of the disability support itself. Running an NDIS business involves collaboration. 


If you want to make the most of your staff’s efforts in providing NDIS members with excellent quality care, you need a framework for doing so. 


By doing this, you can support the expansion of your organisation and make a greater contribution to the betterment of the lives of your participants.


You must have a system that guarantees qualified NDIS workers are serving participants’ requirements in compliance with the NDIS Practice Standards. Ensuring that your employees meet the minimum requirements given in the HR Management standard descriptor is an essential first step in NDIS staff management. We’re about to break everything down for you if you don’t have time to investigate and evaluate this.

Employee Management Checklist:

The NDIS seeks to guarantee that:


  • Services and support are provided to participants by professionals who are appropriately qualified.
  • Person-centred care is provided.
  • Employees undergo necessary screening and are qualified to work with vulnerable individuals
  • Your staff continues to grow professionally.
  • Participants in the NDIS are pleased with all services offered.


To do this, you must implement several crucial measures in accordance with your NDIS team management standards.

Important Guidelines

1. Keep track of the necessary knowledge and skills for each function of your NDIS business

This will ensure that your NDIS business hires the best candidates for the job and continues to adhere to the NDIS Practice Standards. You must have a database that lists the duties, boundaries and constraints associated with each job position.

2. Maintaining worker screening, qualification, and experience checks

In the event of an audit, your NDIS business will be found inadequate if there is no proof that the necessary staff screening checks have been conducted. Critical employee data needs to be managed methodically and securely. By doing this, you will be as prepared when the auditor requests proof of your employees’ capacity to deliver disability services.

3. Keep a record of employee training

Ensure that your provider business can fulfil the needs of NDIS participants by providing your staff with the necessary training. This will guarantee that best practices are up to date and enforced in your NDIS business. Your staff must complete initial training such as the NDIS Worker Orientation Module, to comply with the NDIS Practice Standards. As per the NDIS Code of Conduct, this training course outlines the major duties of employees.


Always keep a record of employee training by monitoring the attendance and success rate of the training or any educational courses that your staff undergo.

4. Keep tabs on employee performance

You must give your staff the guidance, tools, and support they require to advance in their chosen field of work. As a result, you must continuously track your employees’ performance; how it is managed and how it can be improved. This includes documenting some examples of their work and providing feedback to aid in any areas of improvement or to acknowledge their good work.


It takes a lot of organisation and commitment to run an NDIS business and oversee a group of employees. Ensuring that your employees are performing well is a good indicator that they’re likely to provide great service to NDIS participants. When you strike the appropriate balance, you put your business in a position to provide extraordinary, high-quality care for participants.

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