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How Do I Run A Registered Training Organisation?

RTO stands for Registered Training Organisation. It is an organisation that provides vocational and educational training, also known as VET. This training needs to be approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). 


RTOs are authorised to deliver and assess the training for students and employees. They issue nationally recognised qualifications and certificates. They can apply for government funding for VET services. There are approximately 4000 RTOs in Australia, and most of them are authorised by ASQA; more than 4 million students study VET each year as it is the primary way to upskill in Australia.

How To Become A Registered Training Organisation?

You might be an expert in your field of work and looking for an opportunity to train others, or you might just want to own a profitable business with your skills. Either way, Registered Training Organisation is a great way to earn money alongside helping others upskill and reskill.

RTO registration can seem quite a hassle when you do not know the topic and don’t know how to start. With so many preparations, requirements, risks, and hurdles, the process of becoming an RTO might be tiring and overwhelming. But we are here to help you get started on your journey.

Do The Research

When you step into any new field, research should be the first step you take. To become a registered training organisation, you need to know all about the Australian VET sector. National standards, rules, regulations, and codes are also some other things you need to research so you can be prepared for every step ahead. ASQA’s website has all the general information regarding VET and National standards. You need to meet the standards for registered training organisation in the following areas:

  1. Training and assessment
  2. Marketing and recruitment
  3. Regulatory compliance and Governance practice
  4. Enrollment
  5. Completion
  6. Support and progression

Financial Requirements

In order to become a registered training organisation, you need to fulfil the financial viability standard set by ASQA. This risk assessment is taken to analyse your financial position and if you will be able to bear the running cost of your RTO. You must make a financial business plan with good foresight of your future finances to prove that you are capable of maintaining the RTO. This will show that you have the financial capability to purchase the required equipment, hire professional staff, meet the operating cost, acquire all the resources and survive in the business world.

Business Plan

A business plan is always needed when you are planning to start a new venture. Your RTO business plan must include an overview of your business goals and the strategies you are planning to use to achieve them. A well-constructed business plan will make your business stand out, and it will prove that you are determined to make it work. A good RTO business plan must include sources of funding, target markets, clients, courses offered, equipment/staff, and locations.

Focus On Marketing

ASQA requires the RTOs to build good marketing plans they will use to enrol students. Marketing is key in attracting people in this contemporary world now. The marketing techniques should provide students the accurate information of the services and benefits your RTO offers. ASQA has a specific standard for marketing, and all RTOs must only work under that standard. You cannot start marketing your business before your application gets approved but make sure to have your material prepared when you apply for RTO registration.

Policies & Procedures

To successfully register your RTO with ASQA, you must provide evidence that your policies and procedures are in place and according to the standard of VET. Assure them that you are going to work by the rules and provide quality training to your clients. You must also do a self-audit to identify any issues in your business before submitting your request to ASQA.

RTO Registration Made Easy!

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