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How To Become An NDIS Provider?

Becoming a service provider is a gratifying job, and people who like to help others are the perfect fit for it. If you are willing, you understand this noble job and take over the challenge of registering your business under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This program is beneficial for the participants and provides service providers an excellent opportunity to promote their business and receive the gratifying feeling you can get by helping others.

Participants look for service providers that can offer effective services that are relevant to their plan. Of course, being a service provider, it might be impossible to cater to all the participants that come to you but hiring professional and experienced support workers to provide services is one of your primary responsibilities. If you are thinking about becoming a registered provider under NDIS but wonder how to become an NDIS provider, we have made this guide to help you understand the process.

What Is NDIS, And Is The Registration Mandatory?

Before starting the registration process, you first need to understand what NDIS does. The NDIS is a disability support program that provides government funding to the participants to help them build their independence. This program aims to help its participants reach their goals and reduce the amount of support they need regularly. As an NDIS provider, you are responsible for providing them with qualified and experienced support workers or connect them to other relevant support.

Registration under NDIS simply means that you have gone through the screening process with the Commission. In contrast, non-registered providers are the ones who choose not to go through that process for some reason. Being a non-registered provider wouldn’t make you a worse choice for the participants, but there are some services that you can only offer if you are a registered service provider. Hence, it is not mandatory but advised to register yourself with the Commission.

Types Of Support

You must understand the types of support you will be provide to the participants. Some service providers provide low-risk support, including daily assistance, home and vehicle modification, personal activities, etc. This type of support is provided to low-risk participants. Service providers registered for this type of support cannot offer high-risk support, including specialist disability accommodation, high-level personal activities, support coordination, etc. You first need to determine the types of support you will provide to the participants. Then, you can move ahead with your application.

Applying For Registration

In order to identify your eligibility for the program, you can either check the official website of NDIS or call the Commission at 1800 035 544. Make sure to determine your eligibility before applying, so you don’t end up wasting your time.
The next step is to fill out the online application form from the NDIS official website. You will need to include your personal details, contact address, and Australian Business Number (ABN). You can take up to 60 days to complete your application because, after 60 days, your application will be removed from the portal. If you submit your application within the time, you will receive an email from the Commission to conduct the initial audit scope.
After your application gets approved, you will need to conduct an audit. For that, you must ensure that you get a qualified auditor who is approved by NDIS. You will receive an email about the registration requirements your organisation needs to meet, depending on the type of audit. A “certification or verification” audit will be conducted based on your business criteria.

Once you have completed the application process and the audit is conducted, you will have to wait for the final assessment. NDIS will review your application and audit report and notify you about the result. As soon as the Commission is done with the assessment, you will be contacted if you have passed. You will receive a congratulatory mail and if you haven’t you will get the reason for the result. You can refile the application within 3 months of the result.

If you still have more questions on how to become an NDIS provider, feel free to contact us.

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