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NDIS Providers: Important Employment Issues To Be Aware Of

While employers should ensure that their employees are paid the minimum entitlements, it is important to understand that salary is not the only motivator for individuals. Offering good staff benefits may lead to employees staying with the company. 


NDIS providers must understand their obligations under the National Employment Standards, the Fair Work Act 2009, and the National Employment Awards to consider the needs of the workers you employ. This article will provide commentary on the key employment issues that affect this industry.

Understanding the employment awards

Employment awards are also known as a remuneration package. These awards need to detail the minimum pay rates, conditions of employment and staff benefits. For example, employers must pay minimum entitlements for employees who work part-time or on a casual basis. 


It is always crucial to ensure that as an employer, you are up to date with changes in employee remuneration. For instance, the increase in superannuation in the next few years.

One of the awards which NDIS providers have to be mindful about is the Social, Community, Home Care, and Disability Services Industry Award 2020 (SCHADS) award. Changes in the SCHADS award may result in giving different employee entitlements. 


If employers do not act according to the requirements, employees are entitled to leave the organisation that can reward them better.

Right to request casual conversion

Casual employees have the legal rights to request a casual conversion but most employers still do not know the process. Small business employers are not legally obliged to offer conversion, but they do have an obligation to consider requests. This new law came into effect on 27 September 2021 and is great for companies who would like to retain good employees. It makes staff onboarding process easier for employers by identifying eligible casual employees and offering a conversion before the end of their contract.


In the event that the casual employee’s contract is ending soon, the employee has the right to request a change in working conditions. This is more applicable to those who have worked a regular pattern of hours for at least twelve months. If eligible, the business must make the conversion offer within 21 days of the employee’s 12-month anniversary. If the employee does not meet these requirements, the business has the option of not offering the conversion and will not be penalised.

Retaining employees

As a business, staff turnover rates are crucial to your business as it can be a major expense to your business. Many businesses do not realise the hidden costs of the hiring process. The best process to keep the costs low on the hiring process is to ensure that your current staff is happy and would like to stay with the company.


Retaining employees can be difficult. There are many reasons why staff will leave their existing company. It depends on their motivation and goals they’d like to achieve. For instance, some employees leave because they’re unable to get a role promotion with a salary increase or perhaps they’re no longer happy at work. It is always good practice to talk to your employees and get a sense of how satisfied they are at work. 


The service industry is difficult as the clients may have high demands. To retain your staff, ensure that they are fully equipped with the right knowledge so that they can do their best. Provide opportunities for them to learn and grow as professionals. 

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