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Understand NDIS Registration- Certification Vs. Verification

NDIS registration has always been a topic of conflict for many service providers. While some decide to do things the right way by going through the long screening process of the program and becoming registered providers, others find it hard to comply with it. It cannot be denied that the registration process is indeed long and doesn’t make much difference to some providers because even if a provider is unregistered, that doesn’t make him any less trustworthy. 


However, it is also true that there are some services that are only accessible to registered providers, which makes this process worth going through.


The NDIS registration consists of two stages of audit in which the providers present the evidence of relevant outcomes and prove their compliance with the NDIS Practice Standards


Depending on your application, which type of audit will be used for your organisation will be determined by the NDIS Commission. The kind used for audits will be either certification or verification and if you are not aware of the nature of these two types, read on to know more about them.


Fronto Advisory provides advisory services in Australia, if you want to know about NDIS verification audits or certification details, contact us, and we will help you identify which audit type is best for you and how you can ace it.

Verification Audits

Verification audits are mostly done off-site. They are on the lighter-desk tops; in these audits, documents and files are usually reviewed, and the auditors do not have to visit the site to do a thorough investigation. Since this audit is done off-site, it is relatively less expensive and takes little time to get done. The auditing process in this audit depends on the size and services your business deals with.


If you get a verification audit in your initial scope of audits by NDIS, you will need to submit evidence of complaints management. You will be assessed according to the four outcomes in the NDIS Practice Standards verification module. The verification audits are conducted to assess the management of the organisation.

Certification Audits

The second type of audit is more time taking and detailed. In certification audits, the auditors visit the site to take interviews with clients, staff, participants, and their families. The assessments done in this type of audit are mainly carried out through interviews and first-hand knowledge. Since this audit is done on-site, it is more expensive and can take a lot more time than verification audits.


Service providers that are delivering more complex services and are operating on a larger scale are mostly required to be assessed by third-party certification. In this type of audit, the core factors of the organisation are evaluated, like risk management, operational management, support provision environment, etc. Besides this core module, you might also be inclined to satisfy the requirements of the supplementary module of the services you deliver.

Which Auditing Type Do I Need?

Once you complete your registration application, you will receive an initial scope of an audit by NDIS. This document will be a summary of your registration requirements and will contain the details about the audit you need to complete for certification or verification. Audit requirements are different for different organisations depending on the size of the business. If you are a sole trader or working in partnership, you don’t need to provide as much evidence as a large organisation that’s offering a lot more services to the participants. If you are working on a smaller scale, you might be inclined to pass a verification audit.

Looking For Advice?

NDIS audits can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing, and it is ten times harder for a new service provider. Proper knowledge of the appropriate guidance can help you pass your audits and become a trustable service provider for your participants. If you get more nonconformities than expected, you might get a few months to set things right, but if you prepare early and work diligently, there is no chance of failing the audit. 



If you want any help with NDIS verification audits, contact us, and our team will help you prepare for your audits in a way that failing will not be a possibility.

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