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What Does It Mean To Be An NDIS Accredited Provider?

What does accreditation mean?

Accreditation is when an accreditation body ensures that an agency abides by all the requirements and standards regarding its operations, customer care, and safety. Simply put, it is the process to ensure that the customers are being delivered high-quality services and the agency is not violating any quality or practice standards.

To note, accreditation and registration is used interchangeably.

Once your agency becomes accredited, it has been confirmed that it operates in line with the established rules and that the customers receive excellent services. This will help to improve your reputation in the home-care market and attract more customers to your services.

Who performs the accreditation process?

In the case of becoming an NDIS provider, the NDIS Commission carries out the accreditation procedure. They have been the driving force behind safety and quality improvement for an extended period of time. Their primary aim is to ensure that all participants receive the best services.   

The importance of accrediting is to keep organisations accountable about their service quality. As part of the accreditation process, the Commission conducts several audits to keep a check on the organisation’s progress. They also carry out NDIS registrations in 2 ways:  

  • Verification: This is for NDIS providers who deliver low-risk services
  • Certification: This is for NDIS providers who deliver high-risk services

The Commission will inform you if your company needs verification or certification. An in-depth assessment of your documents, policies and procedures will be carried out to ensure you are meeting the NDIS Practice Standards. Once this is confirmed, the Commission will grant you certification or verification.

What is assessed during the NDIS accreditation?

The accreditation process ensures that companies comply with established laws, rules, and regulations to satisfy their customers. It also assesses whether they document the training procedures and abide by their employees’ wage and hour laws. The company goes through a rigorous review to ensure that it meets the NDIS Practice Standards and Code of Conduct. Through this, the Commission ensures that:

  • There are no complaints about the services
  • There are no incidents of abuse or neglect
  • No restrictive practices are being carried out
  • Workers are working in compliance with quality and standard practices
  • Risk and disaster management plans are in place
  • Participants are charged correctly

Why is it essential to be an accredited provider?

Being an NDIS accredited provider means being dedicated to improving quality and consistency. It means you are going above and beyond to improve the participants’ well-being and quality of life. You might believe that getting accreditation is unimportant since it is not compulsory. However, when NDIS participants are looking for a provider, they prefer to engage an accredited provider. This provides an assurance that they will always be in safe hands. Hence, accreditation will serve as an investment for improving your agency’s reputation. There are several other benefits of being accredited. These include:

  • Accreditation will allow your agency to stand out among competitors. 
  • It will motivate your staff to deliver high-quality services, improving overall efficiency and productivity.
  • You can use accreditation as a marketing tool to attract more customers to your agency since it will improve your company rating.
  • Accreditation will also attract experienced and high-skilled staff to your organisation resulting in lower turnover and high employee engagement. 
  • It will allow your participants’ family members to feel relaxed and put their complete trust in your services.
  • It will encourage you to constantly improve services and standards, making your customers satisfied at all times.

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