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What Is A NDIS Registered Provider, And Do I Need To Register?


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been providing services to people with mental and physical challenges for many years. The goal is to help people live as independently as possible, and for that, NDIS has service providers who are responsible for providing them with the support they need. 


The NDIS Commission requires the providers to become registered and provide registered services to the participants, but all service providers do not comply with these requirements as there are two types of providers registered and non-registered. If you are a new NDIS service provider and don’t know what a registered provider is, keep on reading.


We at Fronto Advisory are working as NDIS consultants in Sydney. We have experienced advisors who can help you with the registration process and other things related to your organisation.

What Is NDIS Provider Registration?

The NDIS Commission’s job is to manage compliance with NDIS guidelines, and having registered services provided by registered providers is one way of doing that. Registered providers are the ones that choose to go through the screening process of NDIS to make sure that they are capable of operating this business. 


There are some fund managing options that are only available for registered providers. For instance, participants can choose how they want to manage their funds; they can choose to self-manage them, have a plan manager, or have the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) manage their funds on their behalf. 


However, participants can only access all these options if they hire a registered service provider. If they get service from a non-registered provider, they won’t be able to have NDIA manage their funds, and this is one of the benefits that registered providers have.


In order to become a registered provider, you need to meet certain standards for the services and safety you provide to the participants. You will need to go through a screening process so that the Commission can decide whether you are suited for a service provider or not.

What If I Don’t Want To Register?

While registering under NDIS can be a great help for your business, and it also increases the credibility, which makes the participants trust your organisation more, it cannot be denied that many service providers still choose not to register themselves with NDIS. There can be many different reasons for this decision, and being a non-registered service provider does not make them wrong. 


The only downside is that the participants will not be able to access some of the support and services offered through only the registered providers, and they might have difficulty trusting your organisation since you chose not to go through the screening test. 


If you don’t want to register yourself with the NDIS Commission, it is not a mandatory requirement that you do; however, it is still advised to become one, so you can access all the support. If you still choose not to register yourself, it won’t come your way, and you can operate your business normally.

Which Is Better?

Service providers have a rewarding but difficult job; the last thing you would want for yourself is any more trouble. Registration under NDIS can be a long process, which might be one reason why some providers choose not to register themselves. However, it still allows you to access more participants. 


Registered service providers can only support participants who are living in Specialist Disability Accommodation, and there is much more support like these that only registered service providers are allowed to provide. Unregistered providers also have their fair share of benefits, like they don’t have to go through audits, but they still have to comply with NDIS guidelines.

Looking For Advice?

Being a registered and unregistered provider comes with different pros and cons; you can choose to become one by looking at all the benefits and disadvantages each type has. If you are thinking of becoming a registered NDIS provider, contact the best NDIS consultants in Sydney. We can help you make rational and smart choices that will help your business thrive.

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