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What You Need To Know About NDIS Audits

Being a service provider comes with many responsibilities and guidelines that you must comply with. All NDIS service providers must undergo audits to gain registration from the Commission. This audit is performed by an independent approved quality auditor who assesses your organisation following the guidelines of the Commission.

Certification And Verification Audits

Service providers go through two types of audits, and here is the difference between them.

Certification Audit

This type of audit is more detailed as it requires the auditor to come on-site and run the assessment through interviews with carers, participants, and their families. This audit also involves the reviewing of the documents and files, but it is mostly done on-site, which makes it more expensive than a verification audit.


We at Fronto Advisory provide advice related to NDIS certification audits in Sydney; we have professional advisors who have been working in this field for a long time and are qualified enough to help with your registration process.

Verification Audit

The second type of audit is more on the lighter side and is easy to deal with as it is mostly done off-site by reviewing the documents and files of the organisation. Both of these audits help you in becoming a better organisation and allow you to offer better services to your clients, but the means of these are different from one another. Since verification audits are done off-site and not as long as certification audits, they are less expensive.

Tips For NDIS Audit

Passing the NDIS audit is important for providers who aim to be registered under NDIS, and if you are one of them, you don’t want to make any mistakes that will keep you away from your goal. Here are some tips that will help you pass your NDIS audit.

1. Prepare Early

NDIS audits require you to have all the necessary documents ready for assessment. You need to prepare for those as early as possible. If you wait until the last minute to prepare the documents, you might end up ruining this for yourself because you cannot be thorough with it. Try to keep checking your records and evidence in real-time so you don’t have to return to them later.

2. Understand The Policies And Help Your Staff

NDIS has developed policies for you to comply with, and if you don’t understand them, there is a higher chance that you might make mistakes unknowingly. It is essential to have a complete understanding of NDIS guidelines and help your staff to comply with them. Your staff might be performing restrictive practices behind your back, and it might cause you trouble when the audit takes place. So make sure that your staff knows about the policies and comply with them.

3. Double-Check Everything

Being too careful is never a bad thing. You can start gathering documents and evidence early, but it is also just as important to be sure about everything. You need to double-check all the documents and files before the audit takes place. Go through with them as many times as you want so you can be sure that there is no mistake in your files. A little caution can take you a long way.

What If I Fail The Audit?

NDIS audits cannot be termed as pass or fail, or you cannot rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10. The non-conformities of the organisation assess the audits. Any major non-conformities are allowed to be resolved within 3 months, whereas any minor non-conformities can be resolved in 12 months. If you fail to do that, then the auditor will discuss with you your business position.

Do You Need Help?

Understanding NDIS and its guidelines can be difficult for many, and it is always the best solution if you have professional help with you. Advisors can assist you with the process and guide you about the things that you should and shouldn’t do. 


If you are looking for someone to help you with the NDIS certification audit in Sydney, reach out to Fronto Advisory, and we will make sure to help you to the best of our abilities.


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